Robert Gower - Botanical Artist

07/11/2017 10:31:39 am

This month we are featuring the fine art pencil drawings of botanical artist Robert Gower.

In Robert's own words:

"Well it's Spring and I'm a teenager helping Dad in the garden during the weekends, drawing in my spare time, when not doing the usual things boys do. I loved drawing the Disney characters, especially Mickey. I would take hours to draw him.

Years later, when it was time to go into the work force, I chose horticulture, thinking I was too slow to make a living out of drawing, but loving doing gardening. Over the years I would pick up a pencil and draw the occasional gum leaf but didn't know how to bring the drawing to life.

The little drawings I did sat in the bottom of the cupboard until June 2016 when I went to an exhibition of old abandoned farm buildings by Colette Binder. I became inspired to take up drawing again.

Please come in and enjoy my artworks, inspired by nature, the master of art."


Available to view in the Gallery for the month of November. Robert will have a "Meet the artist" afternoon on the 19th November.


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